No matter how much you love your profession, it's understandable that there are times when you feel overwhelmed by your work. We make it easy for you to take care of your patients! AyurGrid is a one-of-a-kind SAAS solution with Patient management as well as Clinical management software for ayurvedic doctors. It can be used for various tasks like managing their inventory, tracking the progress of their patients, keep updating them and managing online bookings and payments in a safe and secure environment. With Ayurgrid, everything is just a few clicks away for a seamless experience. We've made it easy for you and your staff to get organized and keep up with everything at once. No more hassling for maintaining documents, reports, and everything except your practice. You focus on your practice, we’ll focus on making everything else more and more convenient for you! We ensure to solve all pain points of the Ayurvedic Industry!


Book Appointments, the fastest way

One can book appointments online / offline consultations with advanced integrated System from Our B2C portal (Nohha Life) & from Patients App. Booking gets easier with just a few clicks.


Pre-set Questionnaire Forms

Doctor can now send pre-set questionnaire forms related to specific health issues of the patients, With basic Details and symptoms ,fill forms via SMS/WhatsApp or email, which will get updated back on the system that will help to save time in consultation.


Automated Reminders

Automated System, will help to send reminders of Medicine restock , due for consultation , follow-up for next visit and treatment updates . This Will help to increase patient retention.


Medical history & Prescription

At AyurGrid, we store patient's complete medical history at one place, so one can access to all information in one single tap.


Charts & Forms

Inbuild Health Diet Chart plans for Diseases and Disorders for each individual, Also providing Inbuilt templates for diseases / Treatment & medicine.


Patient Progress Card

Maintain your patient's progress card with Uploading images, details and medical reports of the course for their disease before and after treatment on every visit. This helps to keep a tab and makes it easier to keep a track on patient’s health.


E-Commerce Integration

Access to our B2B E-Commerce platform Nohha Life for medicines and products with Great discounts. We Will Also Carter your Service of Consultation and/or panchkarma Services for our B2C Customer. Which Will help you to Expand.


Ease of Sharing

All the reports Like Prescriptions, Dosage to be taken, Diet chart, Progress Card, etc. can be shared with patients in just one click via Mail/ WhatsApp Or SMS.


AyurGrid Network

AyurGrid Will help you to book appointment on behalf of patients for their blood Test/ Panchkarma Therapy and Other services. AyurGrid will also help Doctors to dispatch /deliver their own medicine from their clinic to patients destination



Integrated with ERP & Billing software for leveraging advanced Medicine Inventory Management system, With Staff, Expenses and panchkarma management.


Testimony & Profile Page

Doctors can Record live testimony of their patient and can upload the same in their profile from AyurGrid Software, Doctors will have a full page related to their services and other information a patient needs to see before considering booking an appointment for consultation.

Doctors will also have a tab for the number of patients Attended with daily live numbers and a specific block for testimonials, in picture & video format as well. This will help Doctors to increases credibility and reliability, hence increasing the chances of getting more Patients.